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Structural prevention of smoking

It is well established that structural strategies are effective instruments for the prevention of smoking and for reducing exposure to SHS. In general, structural prevention aims at increasing public health through legislation, taxation, and other types of regulations. When it comes to the regulation of smoking, structural prevention strategies have a great public health potential. As a result of their population-based focus and legislative nature, these initiatives have the potential to affect a large number of individuals with a minimal cost and are therefore essential to improve national tobacco control. Worldwide as well as in Denmark, comprehensive legislations with the purpose of decreasing smoking prevalence and protecting nonsmokers of the hazards from passive smoking have been introduced. However, the extent and scope of such legislations differ greatly.


We aim at investigating if the Danish smoking legislation has impacted smoking-related morbidity and mortality. Further, we wish to investigate whether differential effects of such legislation exist in different socioeconomic groups. Lastly, the impact of costs of tobacco as an important tobacco control measure to reduce consumption is assessed.


The project will be designed as a natural experimentin which the entire Danish population constitutes the study population. Data will be retrieved from population-based registers in Denmark, tobacco sales statistics, population-based surveys, international records, national statistics offices’ websites, and published reports. Statistical time series models will be performed quantifying any temporal variation in the rate of mortality of smoking-related events following the gradual implementation of the Danish smoking legislation.

Research Program Director


Janne Schurmann Tolstrup

Professor, DMSc, PhD, Cand.Scient in Human Biology

Phone: 6550 7735


Project manager


Nanna Schneekloth Christiansen

Ph.d. student, cand.scient.san.publ.

Phone: 6550 7823


Project workers


Morten Grønbæk

Director, MD, PhD,

Phone: 6550 7700


Morten Hulvej Rod

Research Program Director, Lector, PhD, Cand.Scient.Anth.

Phone: 6550 7800




This project is funded by Trygfonden

The Centre is funded by TrygFonden and the Danish Cancer Society
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